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Please complete the application below fully. You may also print the application form and fax to us at (321) 633-0344 or mail to MSS, 835 Executive Lane, Suite 136 Rockledge 32955.

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MSS is an Equal Opportunity Employer subscribing to the principles of equal employment opportunity. MSS ensures that all applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, handicap, marital status or ancestry. To protect the interests of all concerned, all applicants must pass a drug screen and physical exam before they are hired.

Employment Agreement: Read Before Submitting The Application: By submitting this application, I authorize any educational institution and my former employers to provide any information they may have regarding me whether or not it is in their records. I authorize MSS to obtain any information pertaining to civil or criminal court records. I hereby release them from all liability of any damage whatsoever for providing or obtaining this information.

I certify that the information in this application is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that MSS shall not be liable if my employment is terminated because of false statements, answers or omission made by me in this application.

I consent to pre-placement, follow-up and annual physical examinations, and any physical examinations subsequently by MSS. I consent to the use by MSS of all information thereby obtained. I understand that should the results of the physical or other subsequent physical examinations prove unsatisfactory as related to my job requirements, I waive all right to employment in said position.

I understand that working hours and assignments may be changed at any time, as necessitated by staffing and workload requirements.

I understand that in the event I am employed by MSS that such employment is NOT contractual or promised for any specific length of time, and that such employment is terminable, at will, at any time.

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