Medicare Reimbursement for home health
Certification, Re-certification and
Care Plan Oversight

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Physician Certification (HCPCS Code GO180)

Physician Certification of Home Health Plan of Care is defined as physician services for initial certification of Medicare-covered home health services (Form 485).

Physician Re-Certification (HCPCS Code GO179)

Physician re-certification is used when the physician signs the Plan of Care (Form 485) to re-certify a patient for home health services. A physician will re-certify a patient after a 60 day certification period.

Physician Care Plan Oversight (HCPCS Code GO181)

Physicians can bill for 30 minutes of care plan oversight that includes supervision of a complicated patient and requires extensive review /revision of care plans, review of laboratory or study results, phone calls to other health professionals, and other activities associated with the patient’s home health care.

Physician bills for Care Plan Oversight, Certification and Re-certification should be submitted on a Form HCFA 1500.