Seniors want MORE help to get them better

MSS Care does just that…
MORE medical services to keep you at home

MSS Care provides MORE services to improve your health and help ensure you can live at home.  We are committed to providing superior patient care with staff that is trained to respond to your needs and develop a plan of care with your physician that will help you get better and maintain quality of life.

At MSS Care, we offer comprehensive medical services right in the patient’s home. Our staff is equipped with leading-edge technology that improves care. All our caregivers use computers so they have access to your plan of care and most up-to-date information. Our staff also has the medical equipment and supplies to monitor your disease and take care of you or your family member at home. 

MSS Medical Services

MSS Care staff of nurses, nurses’ aides, therapists, and social workers provides comprehensive services including:

  1. Health monitoring

  2. Diagnostic tests

  3. Teaching about diseases, medications
        and management

  4. Therapy to increase strength, safety,

  5. Care of wounds

  6. Pain management

  7. Administration of medicines including
        infusion therapies

  8. Help with personal care

  9. Help with learning how to live with new
        lifestyle limitations

  10. Help with accessing resources in your
        community or healthcare

  11. Care management and coordination

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